June 05, 2004


Last night's little DME arc exercise spurs me to try again, this time with the Paso Robles VOR/DME 19 approach with On Top. I start at REDDE on V248 and use JEBNO as the IAF, following the DME arc a full 90 or so degrees.

Again, my flying is miserable, but this time something's happened -- I "see" the approach in my mind and don't have any mental problems with which way to turn, what the OBS should be set to, etc. Good news, I guess, but it's still distractingly difficult to fly On Top and keep the "plane" under control. On Top's pitch and roll sensitivity is far too high with my yoke, but there doesn't seem to be any way of making it less so, unlike (say) x-plane or MS FS2004 (OT's heading stability is weirdly good, given the roll issues). The good side of this is that if I can learn to fly this successfully, I'll probably cope with the Elite and real planes much better.

I try the approach again as a straight in from OKEEF and deliberately go missed, following the published missed procedure with the hold at MYGEL (great name). Something else has happened -- apart from the usual philosphical arguments with myself about why there are three FAA-approved hold entries, an argument I have to suppress every time I think about it -- I also "see" the hold here and fly it fairly accurately (I've programmed a steady wind from the west which does predictable things to the shape of the hold). It suddenly seems to all make sense -- what the OBS should be saying, how much to turn, etc. This is good news, but will it last or carry over to real flying?

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