March 30, 2010

We'll Be Right Back After This Short Message…

I'm about to start some Blogger-related re-hosting work which may have the side effect that YAFB may disappear intermittently over the next week or two, or appear with bits missing, etc. So don't despair or panic if things are even less coherent or up-to-date than usual here for a while….

What fun this all is!

March 20, 2010

First Flight

An extended afternoon's Bay Tour around and above the Bay in perfect weather, a leisurely trip over and around the Golden gate, Marin, Angel Island, Alcatraz, the City, the Brothers and the Long Wharf, San Pablo Bay, Napa (with a few minutes' feet-up time at the terminal there, watching the locals come and go from Jonesy's), Concord, Mt. Diablo, Livermore, the Oakland Hills….

A good way to introduce a friend of mine, T., to the joys (or otherwise) of GA flying. I'm never too sure beforehand how people will take things like this the first time, but she seems to have enjoyed it. Well, I enjoyed the flight — once again, it's nice to get out and about VFR occasionally.