June 27, 2004

Fouled Again

The plan: a couple of hours in the air in 12R, some partial-panel airwork under the Cone of Stupidity, then the Santa Rosa (STS) VOR RWY 32 and VOR/DME RWY 14 approaches, then a leisurely return visually to Oaktown.

The reality: 12R's nearing its 100 hour mini-check, and it's had a minor operation on the engine (re-ringing), and sitting there on the hot tarmac doing the runup near the Old T's, neither John nor I could get the engine to run smoothly on the right mag only. Actually, it wasn't so much that it didn't run smooth, it was that it was rougher than I've ever heard it in 12R. No amount of running worked. We taxied back to the ramp, dropped the plane off with the maintenance people, and cancelled the flight. Maybe next week...

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