April 23, 2004


A semi-frustrating morning spent doing cloverleafs, barrel rolls, Immelmans, and sundry other maneuvers in the Diablo aerobatics area in 36B with Ben. Something’s wrong with my aerobatics flying today – nothing specific, and definitely nothing drastic, but I keep making minor mistakes like not applying enough top rudder in the Immelman pull out, or rolling too slowly in the initial part of the barrell rolls, or coming out on the wrong heading. After about 30 minutes of this, I give up and we head back to Oakland.

In the background on the Bob Channel two guys – one with a heavy South African accent – spend the best part of twenty minutes slowly discussing Mozambique, South Africa, Placerville, the new Garmin 1000, and other assorted subjects as they (presumably) plod across the Central Valley as a flight-of-two.

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