April 18, 2004


What are my expectations this time around? Like the first time (with the PP-ASEL), I know I'm not a natural, and won't end up with the rating in the minimum time. But unless something goes wrong (see below...) I still expect to get the rating by the end of this year (2004), and without too many deep intellectual problems or issues. Part of my arrogance here is that I've spent long hours as a safety pilot for other instrument pilots over the past few years, and a lot of time reading and poring over charts, approach plates, etc., so I'm not entirely new to the instrument world. This may count for something....

This time, though, I have my own business, and I have much less time and money than I did when I was doing the private pilot certificate, so I may have to defer training for a while every now and then, or suspend it completely for months on end. There may be long breaks in the blog as this happens (although I'll typically announce that this is happening, of course).

We shall see... (as I keep saying).

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