April 07, 2010

Very VFR

Just another short note that should have been a full post, but that's how it is when you're simultaneously rehosting a bunch of blogs and juggling a job that takes you to Australia and Britain with not a lot of notice (it sounds a lot more enjoyable and exotic than it is — for one thing, why can't they send me to places I'm not from rather than places I've spent half my life in?!).

Apart from the previously-mentioned VFR fun flight, the most memorable thing was an IFR flight to Modesto (KMOD) and back with Righter K. (again) for instrument currency purposes one evening a few weeks back. Nothing much to report on that here except that this time it wasn't Very IFR, and my flying was predictably rusty and agricultural (as that great Oz hero Richie Benaud would say). Oh well. Maybe I'll get some more flying in over the next few weeks. We shall see….

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