April 24, 2007

Where's Hamish Now?

In the spirit of Sam's recent spree of postings about his mysterious (luxury!) whereabouts, here's a hint of where I am right now (well, I'm a bit down the road, really, but I did pass through here earlier):

Clown Motel, TonopahUS Highway 6, Nevada

(What to make of a town that has both a Clown Motel and a missile test firing range?)

Sadly, it's not as exotic as Sam's hideaway(s) in Thailand, but I did get buzzed twice by low-flying F/A-18's at Eureka Dunes. Cool! Wish I could do that when I grow up….


Anonymous said...

That is Boseman, Montana. I know that for sure, because I grew up there.

Hamish said...

Boseman, Montana? Oh, that's rather plausible, but no, that's not it. I've had the right answer in email a couple of times already, despite having accidentally disabled comments on the posting until last night….

Anonymous said...

Please note that I was referring to Boseman, Montana, not Bozeman, Montana.

Avimentor said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh! I got it!

Tonopah, NV!

Hamish said...

Congratulations John for being the first to publicly guess the right answer — he wins first prize, a free year's subscription to YAFB :-).

Tonopah's a, uhh, lovely town. The Clown Motel's a lot scarier than the missile range….