January 27, 2007

Greetings from Jingletown! (Shameless Self-Promotion)

Sunset over the Estuary, Jingletown, Oakland CaliforniaDue to the suprising (and short-lived) onslaught of rainy weather in the last couple of days I've had to postpone the next installment of the SR-20 sign-off thing with John, meaning I've had time to do something else in my studio instead. The result's unlikely to interest too many of you, but I'm shameless, so if you've got the time (or you're curious), wander over to my new Jingletown shop at CafePress.com. I've produced a bunch of slightly oddball and off-kilter postcards, greeting cards, coffee mugs, etc., for sale based mostly on my neighborhood, Oakland's Jingletown (it's about bloody time someone gave poor old Oaktown and the surrounding areas the recognition they deserve…). Yes, I'm a photographer in Real Life. And no, none of the images there are directly related to flying, but at least one of them's appeared in YAFB before (a free 8-pack of the postcards of their choice to the first person who identifies that image either in email or here :-)). And yes, that sunset clutter of masts and barges and derelict vessels is one of the views from my extended back yard in Oakland… :-).

So take a look…. Note that it's still a bit of a work in progress, but you can probably see where it's going (there are also a couple of other shops in store, so to speak, for my other ventures), and there's likely to be a few more images and products added over the next few months (and if you have any requests — like dog shirts or fridge magnets :-) — tell me and your wish is my command (or something like that)).

And if you're really curious and adventurous, I have an otherwise-unpublicised store on Imagekind.com for a very small selection of my high-resolution high-quality non-commercial photo prints. It's still embryonic, but it might give you food for photographic thought (Imagekind's prints are much better than I'd expected; the prints on canvas of some of my stuff surprised me by how good it was). And no, this is most definitely not how I make money from photography — the entire combined annual profits from these stores will probably barely cover an hour's SR-20 rental. You make money from PR shots and events in this industry, not arty-farty prints or snarky slightly-hip postcards :-).


Unknown said...

Well, I hope your work on Imagekind brings you some tiny fortune - it looks great; I want to see more of your black & white stuff.

Hamish said...

Travis -- thanks! The Imagekind thing is very much a work in (very) slow progress, so check back there every month or two and see if there's anything there that catches your eye...