September 22, 2005


Connielingus Corrosion Blowout!!Nah, not me or the tires or anything, just "A[n airplane corrosion] blowout of such epic proportions it could make an inspector weak at the knees..." (Kewl!) from Connie's Connielingus blog (warning: Connielingus may contain thoughts and images hazardous to conservative moral health). I've had a soft spot in my intellectual heart for Connie's older Corrosion Of The Week (now part of her main blog) for quite a while because it's the sort of thing pilots don't often see up close, and because who can resist things like the "The Great Canadian Corrosion Experiment!!!!" ("Coffee, Cola, Urine and Vomit -- The Silent Airplane Killers"). Finally, a blog that treats aircraft corrosion, Rush, the L-Word, and The Pina Colada Song with the seriousness and dedication they deserve.

1 comment:

Connie said...

cheers hamish!

I will be adding this specific corrosion to my "corrosion blog" this weekend as well.
I am glad I have a small but loyal fanbase ;)
"Corrosion is the salt of the earth."