March 05, 2005

I Have No Life, Part 43

I Have No Life, Part 43: Saturday Night, Another Simulated Checkride.

The Buchanan 7 departure / REJOY transition out of Concord (KCCR), the ILS RWY 2 into Sacramento Executive (KSAC), the VOR-A into Rio Vista (O88) with circling (urgh!), then the GPS 19R back into Concord. Plus sundry holds, partial panel stuff, autopilot coupling, etc. It goes well, mostly at or above PTS standards, and I keep the stupid mistakes to a minimum. I feel reasonably confident again -- more so now than before I had to go to Australia -- and we decide on a potential date for the checkride, modulo Mr Bachelder's availability, etc. It looks likely to be March 25, but this isn't set in concrete yet.

Once again, I'm somewhat appalled at how badly I fly VFR nowadays, making simple errors on the approach into Concord and taking way too long to get my bearings visually when coming back over the Oakland hills into Oakland.

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