December 29, 2004

Not A Difficult Decision

Surface winds 180 at 34 knots gusting to 51 knots, visibility 2 1/2 miles, heavy rain, mist, ceiling 3,100 feet broken, 4,100 feet broken, 5,000 feet overcast, isolated thunderstorms. Icing levels 3,500 to 5,000 feet. Not a hard decision. Maybe next week...

(The trouble with doing the instrument rating around here is that the weather is either pretty good (cloudless VMC for literally months on end, except for the thin coastal stratus layer) or just too damn bad to fly a light plane in at all. So not much actual actual -- and, crucially, not a lot of chances to exercise or hone the go / no go and weather-related judgement that are probably more common in places with "real" weather).

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