July 18, 2004

The Rat And The Lever, Again...

More study; no flying this week because I had to cancel due to mild illness (am I the only person on earth who can get a cold mid-summer?!).

"Referring to Figure 12, what is the height of the tropopause over Kentucky?", the test software asks me. I realise I'm such an UnAmerican that I'm not actually sure which of the indistinct slightly-blurred states on the relevant weather chart is Kentucky. I know it's near Tennessee, which I've actually visited... I guess correctly. And so it goes.

And that's what a lot of this is all about, really. Either you can start from first principles plus a little knowledge of things like VORs, HSI's, meteorological fundamentals, etc., or you have to guess or memorise a bunch of arbitrary rules and symbols. I'm OK at the former, just awful at the latter. This is only marginally more enjoyable than, well, ... it's not enjoyable at all. But it's not intellectually difficult either, just very difficult to concentrate on.

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